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Carbs Only & Part Listing




"Eliminator®" SU® (Carburetor Only)

Rivera Primo® now offers the legendary SU® carb as a stand alone item. Choose from carburetors in a polished finish or an all show chromed finish.
    1043-0015 . Polished Finish
    1043-0020 . All Show Chrome


Not legal for sale or use in California or on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.



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1-Dome Caps,1996 And Later Model Carbs.
        A- 1042-0548 Plastic,Black
        B-1042-0565 Chrome,W/Gasket
   Dome Caps,Pre 1996 Model Carbs
        A-1042-0036 Plastic,Black
        B-1042-0037 Chrome,W/Gasket
2-Dome And Piston
        A-1042-0530 Chrome
        B-1042-0531 Polish
3-Retainer,Piston Sleeve (2)
1042-0039 1996 And Later Carbs
4-Piston Sleeve W/Bearings
1996 And Later Carbs 1042-0523
5-Dome Screws (3) 1042-0538
6-Piston Return Springs
    1996 And Later Carbs 2 1/4" Dia.
        A-1042-0060 4oz. (Leanest)
        B-1042-0061 8oz.
        C-1042-0535 12 oz. (Richest)
    Pre 1996 Carbs. 15/16" Dia.
        A-1042-0566 4oz. (Leanest)
        B-1042-0567 8oz.
        C-1042-0568 12 oz. (Richest)
7-Jet Needle Spring 1042-0042
8-Jet Needle
        A-1109-0004 BBD (Leanest)
        B-1109-0024 BBT Standard
        C-1109-0002 BBX
        D-1109-0022 BCJ (Richest)
9-Jet Needle Guide 1109-0006
10-Jet Needle Set Screw 1042-0058
11-Idle Speed Screw
        A-1042-0575 Brass
        B-1042-0576 Chrome
12-O-Ring (2 Per Carb) 1042-0047
13-Piston Guide Screw 1042-0581
14-Piston Guide 1042-0032
15-Main Jet Adjusting Screw 1042-0558
16-Body, Eliminator II 1042-0517
17-Nuts (3) 1042-0027
18-Tab Washer, (3) 1042-0043
19-Cam Lever, Enrichner 1042-0541
20-Return Spring, Cam Lever 1042-0042
21-Choke Body Cap 1042-0056
22-Choke Body Screws (2) 1042-0054
23-Choke Spindle Seal 1042-0044

24-Choke Body 1042-0545
25-Choke Body Gasket 1042-0053
26-Choke Body O-Ring 1042-0052
27-Choke Spindle 1042-0528
28-Fast Idle Adj. Screw 1100-0002
29-Clip Nut, Fast Idle Screw 1101-0048
30-Idle Stop Lever 1042-0065
31-Throttle Return Spring (Right) 1042-0532
32-Spindle Seal (2) 1042-0544
33-Throttle Spindle 1042-0543
34-Throttle Disc 1042-0040
35-Throttle Disc Screws (2) 1042-0031
36-Spring Retainer Lever 1042-0520
37-Needle And Seat
        A-1109-0007 Eliminator II
        B-1109-0008 Eliminator I
38-Jet Bearing Kit 1042-0583
39-Main Jet
        A-1042-0070 0.1 Std. Leanest
        B-1109-0020 0.1015
        C-1042-0071 0.1024 Richest
40-Bi-Metallic Lever 1042-0512
41-Spring, Bi-Metallic Lever 1042-0045
42-Screw, Bi-Metallic Lever 1042-0046
43-Float Lid Seal 1042-0048
44-Float Lid 1042-0518
45-Float 1042-0547
46-Seal, Float Spindle 1042-0035
47-Float Spindle Screw 1042-0524
48-Lock Washer 1042-0033
49-Screw ,Float Lid 1042-0049
50-Air Cleaner Gasket 1094-0014
51-Carb To Manifold Gasket 1094-0015
52-Tickler Pump Complete 1042-0515
53-Tickler Pump Body 1042-0574
54-Spring, Small 1042-0501
55-Spring, Large 1042-0510
56-Viton Cup 1042-0500
57-Stem 1042-0508
58-Gasket 1042-0503
59-Nut 1042-0506
60-Throttle Return Spring, (Left) 1042-0536
61-Rebuild, Tickler Kit Only 1042-0573
63-SU® Rebuild Kit Complete 1042-0101
    (Includes Tickler Pump)



Dual Cable Rotor & Bracket

We designed this lever and rotor to fit the Rivera Primo® Eliminator® II SU® carburetor while retaining the stock Harley throttle idle cables. It can only be used on our latest carburetor with dual springs for throttle return (1981 & Later use the dual pull arrangement, whereas 1973-1980 use a single pull side Only). The parts are made from heavy stampings, tumbled & show chromed.

    1042-0201 . FOR 1990 & UP
    1042-0013 . FOR 1980-1989

Works only on Eliminator® II



Cable Bracket, Clamp & Holder

1042-0572 . Cable Pull Bracket With Brass Cable Holder For SU® Carbs (Single Cable)

1042-0202 . Bracket With Cable Clamp For SU® Carburetor Chromed Finish

1042-0203 . Throttle Cable Holder For Pre-1990 SU® Carbs Chromed Finish





Some parts contained herein may not be legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.

Quality and Performance for Over 40 Years

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