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Gaskets & Rebuild Kits




Manifold & Air Cleaner Gasket

These heavy duty manifold gaskets are for 2" throat.

    1094-0015 . 2" Manifold Gasket
    1094-0014 . Air Cleaner Gasket



Adapter Rings

These heat-resistant fiberglass adapter rings are used to convert early model "O-ring" style manifolds to the later style "rubber band" type seals. They will fit all O-ring style manifolds.

    1133-1301 . Pair
    1133-1305 . One
    1133-1310 . Pair for Strokers



Float Bowl Extension

Rivera Primo's® float chamber extender is available for all Eliminator® I & II SU® carburetors. Installing this extender increases float bowl capacity by two ounces. Stroker motors will now have adequate fuel supply without surge or starvation. The extension simply bolts in between the carb body & the float lid. Necessary hardware is supplied including the spacer block, four overlength screws, o-ring seal and extension tube for the mainjet.

Note: May not fit bikes running crossover exhaust.

    1042-0570 . Cast Finished
    1042-0571 . Chrome Finished
    1042-0048 . O-ring only



SU® Carburetor Rebuild Kits

These kits contain the necessary pieces to rebuild the Eliminator®
I & II SU® carburetors. Each kit includes the o-ring float bowl seal, needle & seat and main jet. In addition, all items are also available separately.

For Eliminator® I
    1041-0069 . Rebuild Kit for Eliminator® I SU® Carb

For Eliminator® II
    1041-0101 . Rebuild Kit for Eliminator® II SU® Carb



Tickler Pump Rebuild Kit

If you are having problems with the tickler pump itself, it's probably time for a rebuild. Our rebuild kit includes two springs, a viton cup & the washer.






Some parts contained herein may not be legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.

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